Competitiveness is normalcy and ubiquitous in the business realm. A blank canvas has no desirability or monetary expanse. It’s the artistic ingenuity, perceived sense of uncommonness or value in the eye of the beholder and how impressionable the art peice, is what makes it substantial and tangible. In homogeneous context- an organizations residency has no true value: it is the thorough compliment of superlative employees that solidifies by executing plans and objectives, instigating company values and elevating bottom line! So failure to retain model employees can be deemed as catastrophic. Employees are entitled to be opinionated, leverage options and consequently opt to depart or remain with the organization. the pre-eminent reason people deviate are on basis of frustration! A queer tendency administered by innumerous establishments involve deducting initial benefits, staff appreciation tactics and the overall manner in which staff are treated. When staff become accustomed to a certain status quo- effacing privileges can imprint an enduring negative thought and outlook of the organization. A belligerent aura may befall some corporate personnel reading this as questions arise such as- What if such cut backs are objectively a method utilized to increase bottom line? My opposing question is- Why? Predominately, organizations with already existing mountainous profits and being kinetically on grounds of greed! Cognizance that when an organization experiences profitability- it stems from the hard work and dedication of staff. Employees are the vehicles driven to functionalize vision.

Complacency reign supreme amidst certain staff however some may yearn to excel position wise. It’s imperative that such categorized remain optimistic that with hard work and dedication an upthrust in rank will potentially occur. It’s absurd for Star Employees to decamp in aspiration of advanced opportunities or more lucrative offers. Ponder this- a person may commence employment as a fledgling and by systematic immersion start budding with acute performance, increased knowledge and dedication toward the betterment of the organization. If such prospect scans for development and growth and feel discouraged and rejected; apply to the competitor and gains employment. What this does is transfer wisdom, procedural information and weaknesses to the competition! Such incidences are preventable! The standpoint is fundamental logic, a structure that appeases and encourages promotes loyalty.

It’s laughable to observe extremely successful companies with nadir compensation scale. Are employees not accredit to enjoy the fruits of the companies success? Such organizations loose dray-loads of Star Employees. Many board of directors, CEOs and owners tend to dismiss the human understanding element. The cost of living is quite high so a pay-scale which would of been ideal say seventy-five years ago isn’t appropriate in modern times especially with the increase of single-parent families! Staff will only view such organizations as a stepping stone to a greater destiny!


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